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We Went To War

We Went To War

$ 29.95

One leg in England, the other in France. Shot from the sky over Holland, China, Italy. Kamikaze, Buchenwald, war at sea. War orphan, war romance, proud Marine. Rain and rats on Biak and Bougainville. Maggots in the Philippines. Trench foot in France. Malaria, nightmares, wounded for life. This is some of the vocabulary of World War II and of this book. In We Went to War, men and women remember how the war transformed and often threatened their lives. They tell their stories in words that are often poignant, sometimes tragic, and always human.


  • Authors: Mike Pride & Meg Heckman
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Number of Pages: 360
  • Publisher: Monitor Publishing Company

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